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Oklahoma Baby Formula Lawyers

Baby Formula NEC Injury Attorneys serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa and cities throughout Oklahoma

June, 2024 Oklahoma Alert: The Use of Similac or Enfamil Baby Formulas with Cow's Milk Can Lead to NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis) in Pre-Mature Infants. NEC is a painful, life-threatening intestinal disease.

If your infant (or child) has already been diagnosed with NEC or other serious medical conditions related to Similac or Enfamil cow's milk baby formula use, please contact Self & Associates immediately for a free consultation.

We are a trusted Oklahoma law firm representing all seriously injured Oklahomans for over 40 years.

Baby formulas are supposed to be safe products for ALL infants. Tens of thousands of Oklahoma families have used Enfamil or Similac (and other cow's milk-based brands) over the past years thinking they are safe -- but, unfortunately MANY Oklahoma infants may have developed NEC or other life-threatening gastrointestinal problems as a result.

NEC usually affects preterm infants as a gastrointestinal bacterial infection that can actually destroy bowel structure, leading to other serious infections and life-threatening medical complications. Surviving children may face a lifetime of serious and costly medical problems, disability, and continuing treatment.

Oklahoma Baby Formula Lawyers

Oklahoma Baby Formula Lawsuit Attorneys

More and more Oklahomans are learning that Similac and Enfamil have been linked to NEC, and other serious gastrointestinal disease in infants as many Baby Formula Lawsuits have been filed nationwide against their manufacturers Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson Nutrition.

Why is There No Warning Label on Baby Formula?

Even though much scientific evidence now points to a probable association of NEC and the cow's milk baby formulas Similac and Enfamil, their manufacturers still have failed to warn Oklahomans of their possible risk.

The question is: How Many Infants and Children of Oklahoma Families might be suffering after using these baby formulas over the years?

There is a strict Oklahoma Statute of Limitations relating to any dangerous product injury, or wrongful death caused by using a dangerous baby formula product that limits the amount of time you have to file a legal claim.

For over 40 years, our Oklahoma Dangerous Products Injury Law Firm has successfully represented and recovered millions of dollars for our dangerous products injury and other personal injury clients from every corner of Oklahoma.

If your infant or child has been diagnosed with NEC or any serious gastrointestinal medical condition after using Enfamil or Similac, please contact Oklahoma Baby Formula Injury Attorney James Self, at Self & Associates, for a free consultation -- or call us right now at the toll-free phone number below.

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Summer 2024, Update: Oklahoma Infant NEC Cases Could Be Increasing Each Month

Oklahoma families have been using Enfamil and Similac and other cow's milk baby formulas for many years, and so many cases of NEC and other gastrointestinal diseases may have already caused years of suffering for the babies and children afftected -- both now, and in the past.

Other brands of cow's milk formulas sold here in Oklahoma (or online) include: Gerber, Earth's Best, Happy Baby, Parent's Choice, Kendamil, and others.

Oklahoma Baby Formula Attorneys - NEC Lawsuit Facts for Oklahoma Parents

NEC Baby Formula Facts for Oklahoma Parents

Almost 10% of ALL births are pre-term, and 7% of those can be diagnosed with NEC - that means thousands of Oklahoma babies may be affected.

NEC occurs even more frequently in extremely preterm babies (less than 28 weeks), and babies of extremely low birth-weight.

The risk of developing NEC is almost 10 times more if infants are fed cow's milk based formulas (like Similac and Enfamil) rather than only human milk.

Even if infants are fed with both human milk and cow's milk formula, the risk of NEC is 300% more than that of babies fed human milk only.

Please contact us immediately if you believe your baby has been affected.

Oklahoma Enfamil and Similac Injury Attorneys

Product Liability Lawsuits Are Complicated: With over 40 years of experience in handling defective and dangerous products injury and wrongful death cases, James Self has the Knowledge, Experience & Success to assist you in navigating this complex area.

No Oklahoma family should have to face a lifetime of pain and suffering, or possibly the wrongful death of an infant or child because they used a baby formula that was promoted as safe, and where the company failed to warn them of known or possible dangers.

For over 40 years, our Oklahoma Dangerous Products Injury Law Firm has successfully represented and recovered millions of dollars for our personal injury clients.

If your child has been diagnosed with, or died from NEC or any other serious gastrointestinal infection or condition, and your doctor believes there could be a link to using Similac or Enfamil baby products, please contact Oklahoma's NEC Injury Attorney James Self, at Self & Associates for a free consultation, or call us right now.

Self & Associates is interested in investigating the claims of baby formula injury victims from cities across the state of Oklahoma, if you'd like to contact us locally about your injury, please use one of the convenient city links below, or CALL US 24/7 at 1-800-747-7353.

Self & Associates is interested in investigating the claims of baby formula injury victims from cities across the state of Oklahoma, if you'd like to contact us locally about your injury, please use one of the convenient city links below.

View Our Oklahoma Baby Formula & Personal Injury Lawyers Locations Below

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