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Child Injury Lawyers: Injury Cases Involving Oklahoma Children Continue to Rise at Alarming Rate

Children's Injury Attorneys serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa and cities throughout Oklahoma

May, 2017: Thousands of Oklahoma children will be injured or killed in 2017 because of someone else's actions or negligence.

Even though most injuries to Oklahoma children are caused by car and truck accidents, thousands of other child injuries result from: negligent supervision, birth injury, daycare or school injury, school bus accidents, defective children's products, medical malpractice, dog bites, bicycle accidents, and gun shots. (See complete descriptions below)

ALERT: Oklahoma Cases of Child Poisoning and other Serious Injuries from Detergent Pods

Recently there has been an alarming rise in Child Poisoning Cases, Serious Burns, Blindness, Coma and even Death resulting from children accidently ingesting Laundry Detergent "Pods". The small, brightly colored pods are designed in such an attractive way, that they can appear to be candy, especially to young, or developmentally challenged children.

For over 35 years, our Oklahoma Child Injury Law Firm has successfully represented and recovered millions of dollars for our children's injury and other personal injury clients.

If your child has been injured here in Oklahoma due to the actions or negligence of anyone else, please contact Oklahoma Child Injury Attorney James Self, at Self & Associates, for a free consultation -- or call us right now at the toll-free phone number below.

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Types of Child Injury Cases Our Oklahoma Law Firm Represents:

  • Negligent Supervision: If your child was injured as the result of the inattention, actions or negligence of an Oklahoma teacher, sports coach, scout leader, church leader, after school activity leader, or any other person who was charged with supervising your child.
  • Birth Injury: If your child was injured or harmed in any way and at any time during or immediately following birth by any Oklahoma doctor or medical professional.
  • Daycare Injury: If your child was injured in any way while they were in the care of an Oklahoma daycare facility or any daycare, or after-school caregiver.
  • School Injury: If your child was injured in any way while they were at an Oklahoma school, or any school function or activity.
  • School Bus & School Bus Collision Injury: If your child was injured while entering, exiting, or while on any school bus in Oklahoma.
  • Negligent or Irresponsible Actions of Someone Else: This covers a wide array of possible Oklahoma child injury cases including: injured or poisoned while at a neighbor's house or pool, injured by a bully, slipping and falling in an Oklahoma store or business, injured in a poorly maintained or unsupervised play facility, and many others.
  • Injured in a Car Accident or Truck Collision: Most Oklahoma Children's Injuries occur because of a motor vehicle accident. Children are especially vulnerable because many times they are seated in the rear seat, which makes them extremely vulnerable to injury in any car or truck collision, especially a rear end collision where defective car seat backs in the front seat could collapse on children sitting in the rear seat.
  • Falling Furniture and Appliances, or Flat Screen TV Tip-Over Injuries: Many Oklahoma children are seriously injured or killed when a heavy flat-screen TV, or other household appliance tips over or falls on them. Manufacturer design, or faulty professional installation is many times to blame.
  • Injured by Defective Child Product or Defective Baby Product: Any product designed and marketed to be used by children should be safe. Far too many Oklahoma kids are injured or killed each year by defective and dangerous children's products or baby products, including: toys, playground equipment, cribs, strollers, car seats, window blinds, and many more.
  • Child & Infant Medical Malpractice: You would be surprised to learn that each year there are many, many cases of Medical Malpractice involving children and infants here in Oklahoma. Children are especially vulnerable to medication mistakes, surgical errors, misdiagnosis, hospital infections, and other forms of negligence at the hands of Oklahoma doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.
  • Dog Bite Injuries: Far too many Oklahoma children are seriously injured when they are attacked by a neighbor's dog. Oklahoma dog owners are responsible for the actions of the dogs, even if the dog somehow escapes a fenced or gated barrier. Some dog breeds, such as Pit Bulls are especially dangerous, and their bites can be deadly for any Oklahoma child, regardless of age.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Oklahoma drivers are responsible for hundreds of serious injuries and the deaths of many Oklahoma children who are simply riding their bicycle. Many times excessive speed, DUI, or distracted driving are to blame.
  • Gun Shot: Sadly, far too many Oklahoma children are seriously injured or killed each year by accidental gun shots, many occurring at a friend or neighbor's home where there was an unsecured hand-gun or rifle.

At Self and Associates we seek out and locate the child injury, and other personal injury experts necessary to best represent our Oklahoma child injury victims. With 35 years of experience in handling personal injury, defective products injury, and wrongful death cases, James Self has the knowledge to assist you in navigating this complex area.

If your child has been seriously injured or killed as the result of someone else's actions or negligence, James Self wants to talk to you. Please contact our Oklahoma personal injury law firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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