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Our Experienced Oklahoma Truck Driver Injury Law Firm is Here to Help! Serving ALL Professional Truckers Who've Been Seriously Injured Anywhere in Oklahoma

April 2024 UPDATE: If you're a Truck Driver seriously injured in a Trucking Accident in Oklahoma that was not your fault, you need an Experienced Oklahoma Truck Driver Injury Lawyer on your side.

In 2024, 3.8 Million American Truck Drivers will drive billions of miles, and unfortunately thousands of truck drivers will be seriously injured: in vehicle accidents with other truck drivers, cars, at defective railroad crossings, by defective and dangerous highway equipment, and in a variety of delivery related accidents ALL caused by the actions or negligence of someone else.

DELIVERY DRIVER CASES: Oklahoma Delivery Drivers, many of whom drive smaller vehicles, are some of the hardest working Oklahomans, and sometimes they can get seriously injured in some very unexpected ways:

By being involved in ANY kind of motor vehicle accident where the other driver was at fault.

By being attacked by a dog at someone else's home or business.

By being crushed by falling materials that have been improperly loaded or stacked by someone else.

By being burned or inhaling toxic fumes from dangerous cargo, including chemicals and batteries.

By slipping and falling on someone else's premises.

If you are on Oklahoma Delivery Driver and have been seriously injured, we can help: Contact Us Now.

Truck-on-Truck Accident Injury Cases: As of April 2024, there has been a surprisng increase in serious truck driver injuries and fatalities resulting from trucking accidents caused by other 18-Wheelers, Semis, and other Big Rig Truck Drivers. These cases are more complex, and require an attorney with extensive experience winning complicated truck accident injury cases. Even if you are receiving workers compensation or have a workers compensation claim, you should still have a right to file another claim against the other driver and their company.

A Serious Injury, can force a Truck Driver out of their job, burdened with mountains of debt, and in the case of permanent injury or death, leave their family in financial ruin.

Many times truck drivers must fight harder to defend themselves in a personal injury legal and insurance system than can seem stacked against them. That's why they need an experienced truck driver accident injury attorney on their side, someone with a long-proven record of success and is willing to fight to recover every dollar a hard-working truck driver deserves.

There is a strict Oklahoma Vehicle Injury Statute of Limitations relating to any truck driver injury case that limits the amount of time you have to file a legal claim.

For over 40 Years, Truck Driver Injury Lawyer James Self has recovered millions of dollars for his Truck Driver and other Personal Injury clients, with locations in Oklahoma City, Tulsa & cities statewide.

If you're a Truck Driver, and you've suffered a serious trucking accident injury that was not your fault, please contact Truck Driver Injury Attorney James Self, at Self & Associates for a free consultation, or call us right now at the toll-free number below.

Call Us Now: 800-747-7353

Read On for Complete Descriptions of the Types of Truck Driver Injury Cases Self & Associates Represent.

At Self & Associates, we aggressively fight for the rights of all Truck Drivers who have sustained serious accident injuries.

Truck Driver Injury Claims Can Result From:

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained in an accident caused by another big rig truck driver. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained in vehicle accidents that were not their fault caused by distracted, impaired or negligent car, small truck and SUV drivers. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained because of neglected or unmarked road hazards. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained in train accidents at unmarked or dangerous RR crossings, or caused by defective RR crossing equipment. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries from defective road equipment, including: guard rails, signs, barricades, and warning lights. Read More→

• Truck Driver Electrocution or burn injuries from dangerous or improperly maintained utilities, including low hanging wires and improperly protected gas lines. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained from dangerous cargo including: corrosives, poison, explosives, and toxic chemicals, etc). Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained by negligent loading or unloading by another company. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries from defective truck components: air bags, truck tires, air brakes/hoses, safety equipment, etc. Read More→

• Truck Driver Injuries sustained on another company's or another person's property. Read More→

• Truck Driver Dog Bites or Animal Attack Injuries while delivering packages, or by another company's guard dogs, etc. Read More→

Injured Truck Drivers: What You Should Do if You've Been Seriously Injured in a Truck-on-Truck Accident, or Any Trucking Accident that Was Not Your Fault

  • Call 911 and report the accident to the police or highway patrol
  • Call, your dispatcher or company contact to enable them to arrange for your load to be protected or transferred to another carrier. They should also preserve your logs, trip inspection reports, etc.
  • If you are not too injured, ask someone to Take Photos or Videos of the scene and vehicles' damage, including the other Truck, and any road conditions such as a guardrail, bridge or debris and skid marks in the road, etc.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. You should go to the hospital by ambulance if you are in significant pain or have suffered any head trauma.
  • After being seen at the hospital, call James Self at 1-800-747-7353 for advise and a FREE consultation.
  • Get the Best Oklahoma Truck Driver Injury Lawyer, to protect your rights, collect evidence & help you build your injury case, and shield you from the other Trucking Company's insurance company practices.

Call Truck Driver Personal Injury Atttorney James Self, at Self and Associates for a FREE CONSULTATION and our pledge of NO FEE IF NO RECOVERY.

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Experienced Truck Driver Injury Attorneys, Oklahoma's Self & Associates, Our Affiliations include the American Trial Lawyers Association, among others.
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If you need legal advice about your injury case, please contact us today to schedule a case evaluation with an experienced injury attorney.

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