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Oklahoma Defective Products & Product Liability Lawyers

Defective Products Personal Injury Attorneys serving Oklahoma City, Lawton and cities throughout Oklahoma

June, 2024 Update: This year, thousands of Oklahomans will be seriously injured or killed by defective and dangerous products of all kinds.

Defective products can be anything manufactured and sold to the public. From malfunctioning machinery and faulty tools to dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. If a product is made or foreseeably used so as to endanger and seriously injure the public it is defective.

Fatal Oklahoma Defective Product Accidents on the Rise: In 2024 experts estimate there will be thousands of product liability injury cases, including wrongful deaths and serious injuries from the use of dangerous and defective products in the US. Far too many of these will occur in Oklahoma homes, businesses, places of work, and on our Oklahoma streets and highways.

Oklahoma children could be at even greater risk of death and injury from a dangerous or defective product. For instance, did you know that the driver's seat in many passenger cars and trucks is so poorly designed and constructed that it can collapse backwards in a rear-end collision causing serious injury or death to a child who is properly restrained in the rear seat. Also, thousands of children are seriously injured each year at Trampoline Parks, sometimes caused by defective trampoline materials and support devices

- Defective Propane Log Lighters & Oklahoma House Explosions: Even some 'unseen' Oklahoma household devices such as propane fireplace log lighters can cause deadly house explosions if parts are defective or poorly manufactured, or if the design of the gas log lighter is dangerous, or if the unit malfunctions causing a gas leak leading to a house fire or explosion. If this happens to your family here in Oklahoma, our experienced defective products law firm can help!

June 18, 2024 NEWS FLASH: Thousands of Oklahoma premature babies could be affected by NEC, a dangerous intestinal disease that has been linked to Enfamil and Similac cow's milk baby formulas, click to READ MORE.

Oklahoma Workers Seriously Injured by Faulty Machinery or Defective Factory Equipment & Tools: Hundreds of Oklahoma Farm, Factory, and Oil Field Workers will sustain serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries, from malfunctioning machines, defective tools and other faulty equipment. These kinds of dangerous products cases are extremely difficult and require a top Oklahoma injury lawyer EXPERIENCED in these types of product liability cases. Please contact Self & Associates immediately if you or a loved-one has suffered a serious work injury from using a malfunctioning machine or defective tool.

June 18, 2024: Infant Nursing Pillows, Cushions and Lounging Pads linked to over 25 infant deaths. Oklahoma parents should know the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently warned all parents that these baby products have been associated with 28 infant deaths so far, primarily from suffocation. Defective product design and a lack of proper warnings might be at fault.

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Infant Sleeper linked to over 30 infant deaths. Thousands of Oklahomans own this infant sleeper, and should know the product has now been recalled after being linked to 32 infants suffocating when they are unrestrained and roll-over in the sleeper. Please contact Self & Associates immediately if your child has suffered ANY kind of injury from ANY infant sleeper, crib, or infant nursing pillow.

See our List of Recent Defective Products Injury Cases below.

Oklahoma Product Liabiity Attorneys: Product Liability is the area of law pertaining to the liability of manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, vendors, and retailers for damages caused by the dangerous or defective products they sell. The path the product takes from the manufacture to the ultimate consumer is called the chain of distribution.

There is a strict Oklahoma Product Liability Statute of Limitations relating to any Defective Product Injury, that limits the amount of time you have to file a legal claim.

If you or your child have been seriously injured by a Defective or Dangerous Product here in OKC, Tulsa or anywhere in Oklahoma, you need the Best Oklahoma Defective Products Injury Attorney on your side.

For over 40 years, our Oklahoma Defective Products & Product Liability Law Firm, Self & Associates has successfully represented and recovered millions of dollars for our product defects & personal injury clients.

If you, your child, or anyone in your family has been injured by a defective product of any kind, we can help -- please contact Oklahoma Defective Product Injury Attorney James Self, at Self & Associates for a free consultation, or call us right now at the toll-free phone number below.

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Watch Our Brief Oklahoma Defective Products Injury Lawyer Video: "3 Things You Need to Know"

Defective Ford Transmissions Involved in Serious Injury Accidents. Oklahoma Ford Fiesta and Focus drivers should be aware that over 50 dangerous accidents have resulted from defective Ford transmissions in these cars. Injury accidents have resulted when Ford Focus and Fiestas have violently engaged, disengaged or changed gears on their own. Please contact Self & Associates immediately if you or a family member have suffered ANY kind of injury from an accident involving a Ford Focus or Fiesta..

Keyless Car Ignitions Cause Carbon Monoxide Deaths: Unfortunately when car designers decided to make cars keyless, they made the design inherently dangerous, in that Oklahomans can mistakenly leave their cars running in the garage overnight, potentially killing everyone in the house. We will have an in-depth page on this new Defective Product Design in the very near future, in the meantime, if anyone in your family has suffered an injury caused by a Keyless Car Ignition, please contact Self & Associates today.

Oklahoma Defective Product Injury Attorneys

Under Oklahoma product liability laws every person, business or entity involved in the chain of distribution can be found liable if the product is defective or unreasonably dangerous and injures or kills someone.

A product can be defective for 3 different reasons:

  • Defectively Manufactured - The product was made incorrectly to perform its intended function or with materials or component parts that fail to work properly or break so as to injure or kill people while the product is being used in a foreseeable manner.
  • Design Defect - The product was incorrectly or mistakenly designed so as to fail or be unreasonably dangerous and cause injury when used foreseeably. Design defects are inherent in that they exist before the product is manufactured.
  • Failure to Warn - This is a marketing defect. This could include inadequate assembly or safety instructions. Warning labels warning the intended user of dangers known by, or foreseeable to the manufacture should be affixed to the product or its packaging prominently.

Defective Products Injury Law Library Entry for Tuesday June 18, 2024

Exploding E-Cigarette Batteries Cause Serious Burns, Defective Dangerous Products in Oklahoma

Have you heard the recent news that the lithium ion batteries found in most e-cigarettes and other vaping related products have been exploding in some users pockets, causing serious burns?

There are videos now emerging on the web showing these e-cig batteries suddenly bursting into flames, for no apparent reason.

Any Oklahoman should be able to expect that they will NOT be injured by any product, defective or otherwise, that is sold as "safe" for consumers.

If you, or any family member has been burned, or injured in any way from an over-heated vaping battery, or an exploding e-cigarette battery, you need the Best Oklahoma Defective Products Injury Lawyer on your side.

Please call or email our Oklahoma Personal Injury Law Offices, at 1-800-747-7353 anytime for a free consultation. We have represented defective products and other personal injury clients here in Oklahoma for over 35 years.

Have you heard the recent news that the lithium ion batteries found in most e-cigarettes and other vaping related products have been exploding in some users pockets, causing serious burns?

There are videos now emerging on the web showing these e-cig batteries suddenly bursting into flames, for no apparent reason.

Any Oklahoman should be able to expect that they will NOT be injured by any product, defective or otherwise, that is sold as "safe" for consumers.

If you, or any family member has been burned, or injured in any way from an over-heated vaping battery, or an exploding... Read More of this Article from our Defective Products Injury Law Library

Since products failing under product liability
laws can be anything, they include:

Cars and
Machinery and
Metal Baseball
Tires and
Over the Counter
Health Food
Children's Car
Motorcycles Drilling Rigs Energy Pills
or Drinks
Garage Door
ATVs Construction
4 Wheelers Ladders and
Stairways and
Boats and
Hot Water

Since injuries of all kinds and even death can occur, the victims of defective products and their families are often faced with long periods of medical treatment, staggering medical bills, lost wages, pain and emotional distress.

Representing the victims of a defective product and their families can be a very complex area of legal practice. It demands, medical, scientific and legal knowledge. Experts in the field the product was developed, including doctors and engineers are often required to develop the information and evidence necessary to prove who is legally responsible for the serious injuries and financial damages victims incur.

At Self and Associates we seek out and locate the experts necessary to best represent Oklahoma victims of a defective product and their families. With over 40 years of experience in handling injury and wrongful death cases, James Self has the knowledge to assist you in navigating this complex area.

If you or a family member have been seriously injured or killed as the result of a defective product, James Self wants to talk to you. Please contact our Oklahoma law firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Looking for a Defective Products Attorney in a specific Oklahoma City? Please contact any of our local Oklahoma locations:

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